Blog Posts in 2013

  • Can Anything Good Come From Probate?

    || 17-Oct-2013

    There is no question that losing a loved one is a sad and difficult time for a family, relatives and friends. To only make matters worse, those left behind must figure out how to pay the decedent's debts, file final tax returns and transfer property from the person that died to the beneficiaries or heirs. In most cases, the only way to accomplish these tasks is to go to court. Dealing with the ...
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  • Estate Tax Planning

    || 10-Oct-2013

    Estate tax planning is a very important tool if you want to preserve your wealth for future generations as much as possible. Knowing your potential tax liability can be a great place for you to begin your estate tax plan. Considering the fact that you have worked your entire adult life to save for retirement and to build a nest egg and make sound financial decisions, hopefully you will have ...
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  • Estate Planning Helps Alleviate Grief

    || 30-Aug-2013

    By definition, if an estate plan is triggered, it is because of the death or serious disability of a family member or close friend. Therefore, most estate plans are administered during periods of great grief and mourning. Those who survive the deceased are charged not only with handling the final wishes of the deceased, with regard to memorial services and disposition of the remains, but also the ...
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  • Unexpected Results from Your Old Revocable Trust

    || 20-Jul-2013

    Rebecca and Adam prepared a revocable living trust many years ago. They did the right thing as they had a estate of about $1million at the time and a trust would definitely save them money if they died. They believed that once the trust was created and signed, they didn't need to update it – so they never even looked at again... that was, until Adam passed away. After Adam passed Rebecca ...
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  • The Government's Will - Do You Have It?

    || 8-Jul-2013

    Many potential clients I meet with tell me that they are "not ready" to create a will yet. For one reason or another, they are not able to commit to a decision. It is this that keeps them from creating an estate plan of any sort. This is when I tell them that they already have a will – The Government's Will. When they look at me in disbelief, I them ask them, "Would you ...
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  • Has Your Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions Expired?

    || 1-Jul-2013

    As part of my estate planning practice I often review people's existing estate plans as well as creating new ones. People often ask me to review one particular document like a will or trust but if they permit me, I will review all of their other documents as well. One document that is a standard part of a comprehensive estate plan is an Advanced Health Care Directive ("AHCD") or in ...
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  • Check Out Our New Santa Rosa Estate Planning Blog!

    || 21-Jun-2013

    At The Law Office of Eric S. Gullotta, we are determined to provide our clients with the sound legal counsel they deserve. From estate planning to the probate process, we can discuss your legal needs and get you started in the right direction. Attorney Gullotta provides personal service and compassion while striving to make the process as simple as possible. We place a strong importance on ...
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