Eric S. Gullotta Co-Authors New Amazon Best Seller

Posted By Gullotta Law Group || 18-May-2015

Amazon Best Seller

The Gullotta Law Group is always seeking to provide individuals with helpful resources to obtain not only financial security, but peace of mind and assurance. Whether that means in our office, within a courtroom, or through the pages of a book, our firm is willing to assist our community by any means possible. That is why we are proud to announce that Eric S. Gullotta, our founding attorney, has recently co-authored a new Amazon Best Seller, Happy and Secure in Sonoma County – Piecing Together the Puzzle of Financial Security and Happiness in This Chosen Spot of All the Earth. Attorney Gullotta joined Montgomery Taylor—one of the most popular personal-finance experts in the area—as well as several other legal, familial, and financial experts to create this well-received book on retirement planning, finances, and personal happiness.

Happy and Secure in Sonoma County is a collection of true stories about regular people living in Sonoma County who found or are still seeking financial security through various means. From reviewing investment strategies to creating effective estate plans, the book provides insight for individuals of all financial levels.

It is designed to be inspirational, informative, and heartwarming. Readers will find helpful guidance on how to piece together the complex puzzle of financial security and happiness that so many seek in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas.

New Amazon Best Seller

Currently, the book is the #2 Kindle bestselling book in retirement planning and the #3 Amazon Best Seller in retirement planning. It ranks as the #5 Kindle bestselling book in money management. Attorney Gullotta is proud to have been able to contribute his knowledge on estate planning, tax law, and trusts to this informative book. You can read more about Happy and Secure in Sonoma County by clicking here.

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