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The Government Has Already Written Your Will

Nobody likes estate planning, but without it every dime you've saved and even your house will go where Uncle Sam says, which isn't where you want them to go. You will also incur excessive court costs and legal fees and wade through miles of bureaucratic red tape.

As an attorney with a focus on estate planning, Eric Gullotta counsels clients on what will happen to their assets under California intestacy laws. He also shows them how to "disinherit" the government and ensure their assets go to their families, friends, or other recipients of their choosing.

Did the Government Write Your Will? provides an education on the true cost of leaving your estate in the government's hands and will help you make informed, proactive decisions regarding your assets.

"If you are interested in making smart choices about your estate, you need this book."
-Montgomery Taylor, CPA, RIA, CRDS, author of Before It's Too Late and The New Rules of Success

"An excellent summary of the laws and procedures surrounding settlement of estates...Gives an overview of probate and estate administration law with great information for the average reader."
-Malcolm Manwell, estate planning attorney; partner at Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller and Moskowitz

"Eric walks you through what happens if we don't make decisions and explains in clear terms what some of the decision points are...You should keep it on your shelf, right next to your estate plan, so you can reference your wise decision."
-Charles Daniels, III, financial planner, principal at Harvest Financial, LLC

"This is a must-read for anyone who is wondering why they need a will or a revocable trust."
-Jennifer Hainstock, estate planning attorney”

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