Interview with Eric S. Gullotta

What made you choose a career in this area of practice?

Early in my career, I worked for an amazing estate planning attorney who taught me the secrets of effective and straight forward estate planning. It is his secrets that I still use today.

In your opinion, what sets your firm apart?

Our attention to detail and genuine concern for our clients. Our client focused model puts the client first in the hopes of making their experience in our office enjoyable. When they are relaxed and happy, we create better estate planning documents.

What is a case that you are particularly proud of?

A young man who I grew up with was killed, leaving his young family behind. As with most young families, they had no sort of estate planning documents in place. Our office provided no cost services (pro bono) to his widow to help alleviate the stress of his untimely death. We also created estate planning documents immediately for his widow so they wouldn't have the same problem again—all at no charge. Our office believes in helping our community when the help is needed.

How do you view your role for clients?

As a counselor and not a decision maker. I am here to advise my clients on not just the legal aspects of estate planning but also proposing solutions to real world problems.

What sets you apart from other attorneys?

I bring a friendly and jovial personality to the table all the while staying 100% professional. You’ll probably laugh more than you ever have in an attorney’s office. By keeping the meeting light, I am able to really get to know my clients and strengthen the bond between us.

How does having experience benefit your clients?

By not only preparing documents but also administering them, we are able to use this experience to create better documents. Our estate plans are in the courts, at the banks, and in the title companies so we KNOW they are effective and meet the intent of our clients.

What types of cases do you specifically handle?

I enjoy working with people who are intimidated by estate planning but know they need to do it. I slowly walk them through the process with a multi-media presentation and make sure they understand everything before moving forward.

In your opinion, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Solving real world problems and transferring a family's valuable wealth to their family, friends, or charity.

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