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Have You Been Named a Trustee in Santa Rosa?

Our Santa Rosa Trust Administration Lawyer Can Help

Being named the trustee of an estate, or even part of an estate, is a huge responsibility. Not only have you been recognized as a confidant of the trustor, but will remain a reliable resource for a beneficiary, sometimes for years to come. With this responsibility, however, can come complications. Keeping assets safe can mean dealing with tax issues, legal requirements, and other matters. Failing to properly see to these could lead to further difficulties and even probate litigation.

At Gullotta Law Group, we know the pressure and uncertainty many trustees feel when it comes time to start taking action. That is why we offer trust administration services to clients in Santa Rosa and surrounding communities. With more than 15 years of estate planning and probate experience, we know what must happen in every step of trust administration to make sure you are best honoring both the legal document and state law.

Call a dedicated and understanding attorney at our firm to set up a free consultation.

Navigating Trustee Requirements & Complications

Once a trustor passes away, proper steps need to be taken not only to secure the property assets in question, but also to notify all the heirs related to the1 trust. This notification process needs to happen first and is often overlooked, or occurs too late, and complicates other trust administration tasks going forward.

Even when these steps are properly taken, other issues can arise. A trustee needs to be ready with the knowledge and resources to handle these and ensure that the property and assets remain intact while they are being looked after.

At Gullotta Law Group, our Santa Rosa estate planning lawyer are ready to help you deal with:

  • Property tax issues
  • Standards of distribution
  • Asset titling
  • Successor trusteeship
  • Any fiduciary responsibilities

Being a trustee can feel like an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be. Gullotta Law Group has helped numerous California trustees effectively manage their responsibilities and navigate any complication that came their way.

If you have been named a trustee and are looking for guidance, then contact us to speak with our Santa Rosa trust administration lawyer today!

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An Easy-to-read guide for all who are wondering why they need wills or revocable trusts.

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