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Creating a Will or Trust in Santa Rosa

A skilled estate planning lawyer can help!

Estate planning can be a complicated and even painful process for you and your loved ones. Certainly no one wants to dwell on the possibility of a loved one's death, but creating a will or trust is the best way to ensure that the assets you leave behind go to the people and places you want. They can ensure a continued lifestyle for spouses, proper care of family assets, and the best possible future for children.

What are wills and trusts?

A will is an estate planning document to be addressed after your death.

It outlines a number of different measures to be taken concerning your assets:

  • Names your beneficiaries
  • Decides distribution of assets
  • Sets any special conditions (like age requirement for asset release)
  • Selects a guardian for any young children
  • Picks an executor to see to any final wishes

A trust allows the creator, the grantor, to name an intermediate party, a trustee, to hold property or assets for a temporary amount of time for a beneficiary. The grantor can choose any schedule of release of this property from the trustee to the beneficiary and also decide whether the trust is alterable (revocable) or set in stone (irrevocable).

Why You Need a Santa Rosa Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning can be a complex and emotional process. In the cases where wills are absent or found to be illegible, ambiguous, or invalid, estates are left to be distributed according to the California intestate succession law. That takes the power to pass on your assets away from you and places it with the state. This can leave to misallocations, rob your loved ones of what they deserve, and even cause damaging rifts between your family members.

Here at Gullotta Law Group, we've helped countless California families draft comprehensive estate plans that are set to protect the future of their loved ones, their children, and their legacy. Our sensitive and dedicated team can provide the counsel you need. Our Santa Rosa estate planning attorney can assist you with drafting a thorough will and/or trust for your property.

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The future of your loved ones is too important to trust to just anyone. At Gullotta Law Group, we've made it our mission to provide caring, attentive, and knowledgeable service to each and every client that comes through our doors. We're ready to help you secure the peace of mind only properly prepared will and trust can provide.

Call our office today to talk to a highly qualified Santa Rosa estate planning attorney. Your free consultation is waiting.

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An Easy-to-read guide for all who are wondering why they need wills or revocable trusts.

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