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Attorney Eric Gullotta Interviewed by KCBS Radio

Gullotta Law Group founder and attorney, Eric Gullotta, was recently interviewed by KCBS radio for a story discussing the increase in demand for estate planning services during the COVID-19 pandemic: Listen To The Story Here

CBS This Morning News: Estate Planning During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a focus on estate planning and how to prepare for after you’re gone. In this recent news clip from “CBS This Morning” learn why having the proper documents in place is so important and contact us to get started.

Documents lost in fires

Original legal documents are important. Preserving an original document is always advised as opposed to relying on a copy, which can be either a digital scan or printed reproduction of the original. California has what is known as ...

Eric S. Gullotta co-authors new amazon best seller

The Gullotta Law Group is always seeking to provide individuals with helpful resources to obtain not only financial security, but peace of mind and assurance. Whether that means in our office, within a courtroom ...

How beneficiary changes affect an estate plan

As an estate planning law firm, we cannot stress enough how important beneficiary designations are to the estate planning process. At first glance, people may not realize

Estate tax planning

Estate tax planning is a very important tool if you want to preserve your wealth for future generations as much as possible. Knowing your potential tax liability can be ...

Estate planning helps alleviate grief

By definition, if an estate plan is triggered, it is because of the death or serious disability of a family member or close friend. Therefore, most estate plans are administered during periods of great grief and mourning ...

Unexpected results from your old revocable trust

Rebecca and Adam prepared a revocable living trust many years ago. They did the right thing as they had a estate of about $1million at the time and a trust would definitely save them money if they died. They believed ...

The government’s will – Do you have it?

Many potential clients I meet with tell me that they are "not ready" to create a will yet. For one reason or another, they are not able to commit to a decision. It is this that keeps them from creating ...

Has your durable power of attorney for health care decisions expired?

As part of my estate planning practice I often review people's existing estate plans as well as creating new ones. People often ask me to review one particular document like a will or trust ...
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