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A will is an estate planning tool that can select your future beneficiaries and determine how you would like your assets to be distributed. Additionally, it can select an executor to honor your last wishes and name a guardian to care for minor children.

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Why you need an attorney to assist with your will or trust


Because estate planning can be so complicated, those that try to create a will themselves often end up less than satisfied with the future outcome. Fortunately, our caring, knowledgeable attorneys are well-equipped to draft a comprehensive estate plan to protect your loved ones and assets in the future.

  • Attorney Gullotta has over 15 years of experience as a CPA and a master's degree in taxation.
  • We offer an easy-to-read guide about what type of documents you need in your estate plan.
  • We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and goals.

By listening to your needs, we can create an estate plan to ensure that your desires will be recognized by your family and the court. Instead of worrying about hourly rates, we charge a flat fee to ensure that you are comfortable discussing all of your wishes with us.

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What happens if i don't have a will?

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If you do not leave a will in Sonoma County, your property will be distributed according to California intestate succession law. In order to draft a valid will in California, you must be 18 years of age or older and of sound mind.

The will also must be witnessed and signed by two witnesses. Holographic wills, or unwitnessed, handwritten wills, are also valid in the state. Although holographic wills are admissible, they are sometimes found to be invalid due to illegible handwriting or ambiguous language. To ensure that your estate planning tools will be valid, you should obtain the assistance of our Sonoma County estate planning attorney .

The benefits of a trust

A trust is an estate planning document that allows one individual, the trustee, to hold property for another person, the beneficiary. The two main types of trusts are revocable trusts, which can be changed, and irrevocable trusts, which cannot be altered outside of the terms of the trust. The creator of the trust, or the grantor, can select almost any terms that they wish and can choose to distribute the assets at the intervals they choose.

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