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M ore than half a million Americans pass away each year without a will or estate plan, leaving the fate of everything they own to state law. How can you be sure your wishes are carried out with your family in mind when the unavoidable happens?

A comprehensive estate plan organized by you with the help of an estate planning attorney in Healdsburg, ensures that these difficult decisions are made thoughtfully and with your family first.

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Eric Gullotta is a trusted Healdsburg, probate lawyer who offers pressure-free, compassionate counseling services. He works proactively with each client to help tailor his services based on their wishes. His unique method of effective and straightforward estate planning establishes a plan that takes the burden of administration off of your family and secures their financial future. Give Eric Gullotta a call at (707) 938-7234. We are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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Planning your family’s financial future after you’re gone is a stressful process. And California State Law is incredibly nuanced—one wrong word or missing signature can change the entire intent of your will or estate plan. This is why so many Americans delay the process of planning until it’s too late.

Eric goes to great lengths to make your experience in his office enjoyable. His lighthearted yet professional demeanor helps take the edge off during one of life’s most serious talks. The entire process is easy and stress-free. He even offers fixed-fee pricing so you never have to watch the clock. When you leave his office, you will have peace of mind.

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a series of preparations that serves to manage your assets when you pass away. Included in these plans are:

  • Management of assets including bank accounts, cars, property, and other items of value.
  • Directives for health care decisions.
  • Directives for inheritance for family heirs, distributed fairly and in accordance with your wishes.
  • Assigning specific assets to third parties who would not normally receive them.

Eric will build your own estate plan based around your wishes, and tailor it to fit your specific needs perfectly. They are not solely for individuals with high net worth. Everyone can benefit from thoughtful planning.

Planning for the distribution of your assets and decision making is crucial for your loved ones. The Gullotta Law Group can help you plan every detail so you have full peace of mind. It can be anything from putting money to the side for a grandchild’s college fund to providing for a special needs family member or friend.

If a plan is not in place, it can lead to the state distributing your assets generically, disputes among your family, and very high probate lawyer fees.

About Gullotta Law Group

Gullotta Law Group has gained a reputation for effective, stress-free legal counseling based on our attention to detail and genuine compassion for our clients. Our focus is on getting to know each client and making them proactive participants in the planning process. Each plan is tailored to perfectly fit our client’s wishes.

To speak with an estate planning lawyer in Healdsburg, contact Eric Gullotta today at (707) 938-7234 for your FREE consultation.
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