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Do you have a plan for when the unavoidable happens? When you pass on, do you have a way of ensuring everything you worked for is used to secure your family’s future? Without an estate plan - preferably one from a professional Kenwood estate planning attorney - your assets will be distributed by state bureaucracy and your family may have to enter a long and expensive legal process.

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Eric Gullotta is a respected probate lawyer in Kenwood that specializes in helping the people of Sonoma County secure their family’s future long after they have passed on. His cordial and professional demeanor as well as client-focused pricing helps take the stress out of one of life’s most trying times. Call Eric today at (707) 938-7234 for a FREE evaluation, and start making a plan that puts your loved ones first, not the state.

The Gullotta Group Near Kenwood Takes the Stress out of Estate Planning


Any process that involves the thought of passing on is stressful at the very least. The complex process of planning an entire estate can only make things more daunting. The Gullotta Law Group believes that the best plans are created in a positive atmosphere. That’s why we pay extra attention to each client and truly care about helping solve their real-world problems. We know how stressful the process can be, and we strive to create a professional yet light hearted atmosphere where you’re more likely to laugh than anything else

Eric’s unique approach starts with hearing your exact wishes. Instead of telling you what to do, he listens to you and guides you through the process of creating your own document. Each plan is customized to your exact wishes for your family. Our goal is to give you straightforward advice in a timely manner so you don’t waste time stressing.


Q: Isn’t an Estate Plan Just a Will?

A: No, an estate plan is far more than a will. It is a series of arrangements that plans for when you have either passed on or are incapable of making a decision. It involves everything from health care decisions and asset management to tax minimization and estate administration when you are deceased. That’s why a professional probate lawyer in Kenwood is highly recommended.

Q: Aren’t Estate Plans Only for the Wealthy?

A: No. Regardless of your wealth or assets, an estate plan is an extremely valuable tool. Not only does it provide guidance in accordance to your best wishes, it saves your family months or even years of struggle with the bureaucratic system.

Q: What Sets Your Firm Apart from Others?

A: The difference is that we truly care. Our unique approach is counter to that of other offices. We take a lighthearted yet professional approach to one of life’s most stressful processes. We focus on your and your family’s best interests and translate your wishes into documents. At the Gullotta Law Group, you are listened to, not just heard. Not only do we offer a free evaluation and 30-minute consultation, we offer a free one-hour consultation to your family after you have passed on to help manage the estate.

Call Eric Gullotta today at (707) 938-7234 to speak with an estate planning attorney in Kenwood that creates a plan with your best interests in mind.

You are certain to have serious questions that need answering. During your FREE case evaluation, Eric will give you peace of mind knowing that your estate will be taken care of long after you have passed on.
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