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W hen you pass on, what happens to everything that you own? If you do not have an Estate Plan in place – assembled by a qualified probate attorney – then the government decides where your assets go. These plans take into consideration many variables, including vehicles, bank accounts, investments, and things of material value. Estate plans also go above and beyond by providing you the information you need to prepare for you and your family’s future.

Eric Gullotta is Santa Rosa's trusted probate attorney. He works alongside Sonoma County families to establish an estate plan to provide the most benefit to your family. Give Eric Gullotta a call at (707) 938-7234. We are standing by to answer any questions you have.

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Estate planning and the creation of a Will is a very stressful and intimidating procedure. Without a trained attorney by your side, you may not find the energy to do this very necessary task at all. Eric makes the entire process easy on you and your family. His professional yet light-hearted demeanor makes the process incredibly stress-free. Eric has received the praise of many Santa Rosa families.

What Are Estate Plans?

Here are a few goals that Eric aims to oversee during this process. This list is not comprehensive, as your estate plan will be custom-tailored to fit your exact specific needs:

  • Determine who will manage your assets when you no longer can do so.
  • Allocate assets to specific parties, distributed fairly and according to your desires.
  • Prepare for the change in guardian to your children (minors).
  • Assign health-care decision making rights to a qualified party should you become incapacitated.
  • Go through the process of selecting a beneficial life insurance policy.
  • Assign assets to third parties who would not normally receive them should you pass.

An estate plan is so much more than compiling a will or trust; it accomplishes many other beneficial goals at the same time. You can establish – what we call – “airbag documents” which only come into play when certain pre-requisites are met. Only an experienced Estate Attorney can help you out in this process. It’s just a short drive away from Santa Rosa!

About Eric Gullotta

Eric Gullotta custom-tailors your estate to fit your needs. He specializes in this fine-tuning of estates and has tremendous experience in even complicated scenarios. Gullotta Law Group has been voted one of the Best Attorneys in Sonoma for three years running! This prestigious award is only given to a select few who go above and beyond in their law practice.

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