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When someone passes away, resolving their financial and property matters will take place in probate court. In the state of California, this always occurs in superior court. Here, an executor is named, any wills or trusts are examined, motions by any contesting parties are filed, and any remaining assets are distributed as closely to the deceased final wishes as possible. Being named an executor or an administrator of an estate is a lot of responsibility and decisions can often be challenged by other surviving loved ones or the law itself. Many times, this process happens without complication; however, having the seasoned help of a Santa Rosa probate lawyer can be a great benefit to your efforts as an executor before the court.

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Attorney Gullotta understands what a difficult time the probate process can be. Dealing with the death of the loved one is hard enough, but facing legal matters in the wake of that loss can be truly overwhelming.

As a knowledgeable probate lawyer, he can:

  • Organize any remaining debts or taxes by the deceased
  • Assist in filing the proper petitions to probate court
  • Provide perspective and help avoid conflict of interests and other liabilities
  • Stand with you in probate court to counsel any matters, expected or unforeseen

With over 15 years of experience as a CPA, Attorney Gullotta has assisted countless clients face probate court with assured and thorough footing, helping streamline the process to the swiftest and most peaceful outcome.

What probate complications could i be facing?

Even when the deceased has left a will, resolving all the matters of their estate can be a complex process for the executor or administrator. Small, overlooked details can turn into matters of intense contention and lengthier legal troubles.

Common issues that occur that our Santa Rosa probate lawyer can assist with are:

  • Heirs refusing to receive property left to them
  • Gifted property or assets that are in another state (or country)
  • Disagreements between heirs that delay probate procedure
  • Bequeathed assets that are no longer available
  • Navigating any ambiguities of the will

An experienced Santa Rosa probate attorney can help an executor resolve all of these matters effectively in probate court.

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Gullotta Law Group knows how intimidating and trying the probate process can be. We've provided understanding, incisive representation to administrators and executors who have found themselves in over their head in probate court, and we're ready to do the same for you today.

If you have recently lost a loved one and are facing executor duties in probate court, we encourage you to call us at Gullotta Law Group. We're ready to speak with you during a free consultation.