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T here comes a time in everyone’s life when we start thinking about inevitabilities. How can I be sure my family is taken care of when I’m gone? How can I be certain my wishes are in mind in the event of an accident?

Without legally binding documents drafted by a professional Windsor estate planning attorney, your family, assets, and even life itself are left up to state bureaucracy. Protect your and your family’s future by providing clear directives that minimize the state’s control over your assets.

Are you intimidated by the thought of estate planning?

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Eric Gullotta is a respected estate planning attorney in Windsor. His personable approach to legal counsel has endeared him to the families of Sonoma County. He takes the stress and intimidation out of estate planning by creating a plan that provides maximum benefit to your loved ones. Call Eric today at (707) 938-7234 for a FREE evaluation. He has answers to your most urgent questions.

We Believe Estate Planning Shouldn’t be Intimidating


It’s natural for us to avoid planning for when we pass on. It’s not a very pleasant thought, and it doesn’t help that most law offices are unfriendly and talk AT you rather than TO you. The Gullotta Law Group believes the best plans are made in partnership with clients. We strive to create a professional yet light hearted atmosphere where we listen to your wishes and translate them into legal documents.

Instead of telling you what to do and reminding you of the urgency, we allow you to take your time, ask as many questions as you’d like, and tell us your exact wishes. We custom tailor each plan to suit our clients wishes for their families when they pass on. In times that are filled with stress and uncertainty, Eric Gullotta takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry.



The Gullotta Law Group is dedicated to making the estate planning process simple and more understandable to clients. Estate planning is so much more than drafting a will. It involves medical directives, tax planning, guardianship transferral and more.

Q: What Happens If I Don’t Have an Estate Plan?

A: An estate plan is everything from carrying out your wishes for your health to minimizing tax burdens on your family and protecting them from creditors. If you don’t make one, then everything is left up to state law. Having one helps your family avoid the hassle of probate and ensures your wishes are carried out.

Q: I’m Not Rich. I Thought Estate Plans Were for the Wealthy?

A: Everyone can benefit from an estate plan regardless of wealth. We all have wishes we’d like to carry out, people we want to help, and assets that must be divided. Yours can include everything from your favorite charities to a family friend. Without one, the state won’t consider them.

Q: What Sets Your Firm Apart from Others?

A: Not only do we pay attention to detail, we show a genuine concern for our clients. We put you first so that your experience with us is enjoyable. We want you to be relaxed, happy, and stress free. No one else we know focuses on your enjoyment.

Call Eric Gullotta today at (707) 938-7234 to speak with an estate planning attorney in Windsor that tailors your plan exactly to your wishes. During your free case evaluation, we will answer all of your most urgent questions and give you peace of mind about your future.
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